Game Progress Update #1

Otherworld Title
Otherworld Title
Game progress is slower than I’d like, but it is progressing! This is mainly because I’m practically working full time now. I work nights, so daylight hours are limited and my time management skills aren’t that good except on my days off.

Anyway, the main updates are:

  • Introduction: The introduction (including an option to skip it) is complete. There have been a few slight tweaks to improve dialog and performance. I’m thinking about changing a few things in the prologue to make improvements and iron out a few newly-discovered bugs.
  • Karma (Good vs Evil) Script: The Karma script, while functional, hasn’t been properly implemented into the game yet. This will be augmented later when the has been more fleshed-out. Points are added or subtracted depending on your actions, but at the moment serves no practical purpose, other than to measure your Karma.
  • Basic Tutorial: A basic tutorial has also been added and will be expanded later. Something a little more dynamic will be impleted later, including a diary where you can review the tutorials so far.

Additionally, because I use Daz 3D Studio for some of the resources, I’m having to buy assets bit by bit so make do with those provided in the Mythos Horror Pack (and other packs I’ve bought).

I started developing some charsets with Daz 3D Studio too, but it’s very time-consuming without the Animate plug-in. That’ll have to wait until I’ve raised $60 to make life much easier! (I’ve often been asked why I don’t use some of the crowd-funding sites or forums. I have my reasons, which I’ll explain in a later post on the main RPG Maker Times blogsite.)

The playable demo is on schedule and something will be uploaded within the next few weeks.

Some Planned Site Updates

Otherworld Title
Otherworld Title
With the main RPG Maker Times website moving to a new host within the next two to three months, Otherworld will have its own dedicated blog. (In fact, all of the projects under the Paranormality umbrella will eventually have their own blog, attached to this projects blog.)

I decided to go with DreamHost because they offer slightly more for VPS than my current host at a slightly lower price. DreamHost has also been recommended to me so many times by other people that I finally started looking into it.

The relevant posts relating to Otherworld will be retroactively changed to reflect the move. Ultimately, the purpose of this (aside from upgrading to a non-shared server)is to make it much much easier to view and to properly categorize them.

Hopefully there won’t be too much disruption!

More updates as they unfold.

Demo 1.0b Coming Soon

I’m aiming to release a demo within the next two weeks!

It’ll be a short playable demo to give an idea of what it’ll be like. If all goes well, the prologue and part of the first chapter will be ready.

So far I’ve implemented a pretitle logo, options to skip the intro, in-game tutorials (partly complete), an auto-save feature, extra stats (tailored for the game), and much more playable content.

Bear in mind that I’m working on the game in between work and other projects, so it’ll take some time to develop it to the point where it’ll be all-the-way ready.

Regrets – New Song for Otherworld

Regrets is a song I created on Music Shake specifically for Otherworld. It will be used somewhere in the game (for now a secret), but I thought I’d share it.

Development IS Still In Progress

Otherworld Title
Otherworld Title
Just a quick update.

Development on Otherworld is still in progress. I have no screenshots or in-game footage yet. I’d like to build on the ideas for Chapter 1 first and flesh it out some more before putting that kind of content online.

About half the main interfaces are now complete, with the rest following (for consistency) as and when I decide on which additional menu scripts are going to be used. This may well be an ongoing developmental process. And then it’ll be a matter of adjusting the window sizes to fit.

Another feature I started doing is having switch-activated menu items. As you progress through the game, you’ll "unlock" certain things, including in the Status menu, such as "task list" (quest log) and "book of knowledge" (bestiary/items list).

In between searching for a new web host, work and other projects, this has proven to be quite difficult. However, the time management method I’ve been using has proven very effective, so I’ll continue using it even sometimes on my work nights. It’s almost time for me to go back to work – the week’s holiday went by too quickly. Doesn’t it always though?

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