Focus On Gameplay

Now that much of the script architecture and a third of the interfaces are in place, it’s time to focus on the gameplay content.

The Extra Stats portion is mostly complete, except for the combat area, as I’m not sure what the combat system will be like yet.

Over the next few weeks, the main focus will be on the content and plot development. I’ve already tweaked the introduction, added an option to skip the intro and have several in-game tutorials in place. A number of scripts have been added to improve or add to gameplay and aesthetics so fleshing out the plot and interaction will be prioritized.

Additionally, I’m designing several backgrounds and character sets using Daz 3D Studio and Bryce Pro.

Otherworld Facebook Page

I was considering creating a Facebook page for updates on Otherworld, so conducted a poll in February 2015 to indicate interest.

63% of voters showed disinterest in following/subscribing to it.

This is, perhaps, just as well because I made the difficult decision to withdraw all of my pages from Facebook in light of a number of limitations they imposed to impede overall reach. Although this has been going on for quite some time, cumulatively per-post reach is slashed to around 10-15%.

One of the limitations is auto-posting to Facebook, which is more convenient than manually reposting directly on the page. I don’t always have the time to visit and update Facebook, thus writing and scheduling posts is much more convenient, so with the auto-post limitation in place I decided that Facebook was no longer a viable platform for promoting any kind of content updates.

I will continue updating on Twitter, Google+, Gamejolt and, of course, this blogsite.

Otherworld Updates So Far

Progress is slow but steady. This is primarily because of work; from Friday I have a few days off to spend exclusively on Otherworld. Here are the updates so far:

  • Main Menu – The main menu at the start of the game now has an additional option to visit the Otherworld website.
  • Extra Stats – The Extra Stats script has been heavily modified from the original specifically for Otherworld. There’s still a long way to go before it’s completed, and it’s ongoing so it may not be completely finished until later in development.
  • Maps – Some of the maps have now been drawn, although many still need tweaking.
  • Use of A Mouse – Being able to use the mouse has been added. It doesn’t work with the Title script, so I’ll be attempting on making it compatible with that.
  • New Demo Video – A new video demo is planned to showcase its added features plus some of the gameplay. Released soon.

Status Screen – New Interface (Otherworld)

Status Screen (Otherworld)
Status Screen (Otherworld)
The Status Screen contains an overview of Anna’s essential personal information, such as attributes (parameters) and current states or conditions she’s afflicted with.

Energy and Psi

Energy (ENR) and Psi (PSI) are measurements of Anna’s overall "physical" and "mental" life forces. They will fluctuate quite a lot during the game and, since there are no restorative items per se, keeping them above zero is important. (For a more detailed description, you can refer to the Attributes (Parameters) page.)


Anna’s attributes affect many areas of the game, reflecting her strengths and weaknesses. The ones shown in the screenshot are her basic attributes, which will be changed later in development.

The intention is to have two sets of attributes: Primary and Secondary. Primary attributes are her basic attributes to enable her to act, react and interact. Her Secondary attributes are essentially a set of skills based on the primary attributes that affect how she performs certain tasks or interacts with others.


The Equipment section is where Anna’s basic equipment (weapons, armour, etc.) is displayed, although this could change depending on what kind of combat system is used. As it stands at the moment, there is no combat system in place and I may not implement one at all.

Random Quote

The quote in the bottom right of the Status Screen randomises each time it’s loaded. Eventually, this will be based on experience, karma and progress throughout the game.

Priority Updates

These are a few of the priority updates taking place (these make take some time):

  • Extra Stats Screen: Total reconfiguration of layout.
  • Karma Script: Needs a complete rewrite to properly work in the game.
  • Interfaces: Remodel interfaces from template (Equipment, Items, etc.).

Once these are done, focus on the actual gameplay will start.

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